Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CRASH: When Liars Lie

His Oneness, Superman of the United States (see Rich Load), has been making us less secure as a nation since before his inauguration.  I KNOW I am less safe as a result of his seemingly tireless efforts to weaken our standing with allies and show weakness to our foes.

This activity took a strong surge in recent days, as Obama outlined a new doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state that deployed chemical or biological weapons against the U.S.   That would be US and ours, not him and his so much.

There are many on the right who are disconcerted by this announcement.  They are justified, certainly.  The doctrine is bizarre, and further calls into question the soundness of the "thinking" in this psychologically unfit neophyte.

But there always...a catch with Obama.  You have to bear in mind that the man lies.  Or that each of his statements comes with an expiration date.  Were I a foe of the U.S., acquainted with the open GITMO facilities that were promised to be closed, the troops in Iraq that were promised to be withdrawn, and warmly used Patriot Act that was to be killed...just to name a very few...I would have to take this announcement as a threat of a preemptive nuclear strike.  I mean, just to be on the safe side.

This naturally makes Obama a very different man than Bush.  People knew that (despite his MANY faults) Bush was not fundamentally a liar...when he said things, he generally meant them.

With Obama, he only means what he says about SOME things...and most of those statements are Kinsleyian gaffs.

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