Monday, April 12, 2010

BURN: M.A.D. Update...!!!

 UPDATE: Michelle Malkin shows her journalistic chops...

Crash course: Your illustrated guide to the Tea Party saboteurs

Note especially the info on Jason Levin, erstwhile TEA Party saboteur.  If you scroll down through Michelle's comments, you'll find more on Mr. Levin.

NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A CAMERA!!!  Isolate, identify, and document the collective's plants!!!

CRASH: The Collective's New MAD (Marginalize, Abominate, Demonize)

According to the latest Rich Load, there can be no legitimate, principled opposition to Obama or his collectivist agenda.  No indeed.  Those opposed are all of a type; racists, homophobes, misogynists, and...well...just Nazis.

If this weren't bad enough, Rich isn't even original.  Hardly that.  This is the collective pack's current bay, taken up by every slobbering media sycophant in the kennel.

When you see something this homogenized, this unified in its use of the same hyperbolic labels, this coordinated, you can rest assured that this is the new meme...the approved party line.  You can rest assured that it is the program of the collective, and that it's design it to marginalize, abominate, and demonize those of us who are fundamentally opposed to having our nation taken by the collective.

People like Rich are never troubled by the lies they print.  They are never bothered by the fact of their own hatred.  The patently fascist economics of the ObamaCare bill is no impediment to their own risible invocation of Kristallnacht.  They can, with a straight face, accuse Congressman Eric Cantor of a Reichstag putsch for his remarks detailing the shooting incident at his local congressional office (which really happened), while flogging the lies regarding the "N"-word, and calling Rep. Bwany Frank a burning branch (which NEVER happened).  They have no problem turning a blind eye to the REAL hate-filled extremism they personify.

Here's a prediction; as the meme seems now so carefully to have been set, start looking for agents provocateur to show up at TEA Parties and other venues where peaceful Americans gather to resist the take-over of their nation.  You will start hearing racial invective and other "hate-speech" shouted somewhere from an anonymous person in the crowd.  It would be VERY wise for organizers to fashion an effective response when these people show up.

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