Saturday, April 3, 2010

BURN: Gee, Conor, Look Up "Polemics"...And Chill

Conor...Dude!  Get up off Mark Levin, and your own bad self...importance.
Here is Levin's whole, entire sin/affront to all that is good and holy, according to Conor Friedersdorf:

"Conservatism should be held out as the only example of the antidote to tyranny"

This statement is the well-spring of all conservative duplicity and/or stupidity, according Conor--

But for some reason he is prone to making dogmatic statements so dubious that it is impossible to treat them charitably, because either the man is asserting things he doesn’t believe, or else his ideology has utterly blinded him to reality.
Conor than draws a bunch of really inapposite parallels, like--
Did conservatism end apartheid in South Africa? Or drive the British from India? Did the Allied powers led by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin triumph over the tyranny of Nazi Germany via the antidote of conservatism? In the Spanish Civil War weren’t the eventual tyrants and the conservatives on the same side?

The answers to those questions are; yeah, sort of, or would that have been statism that ended apartheid?; yeah, if you think of "conservative" as consistent with "classical liberalism", which Gandhi relied on; is winning a war the triumph of ANY particular ideology?  Or was Stalin's tyranny just as bad (at least) as Hitler's?; and, do you mean individual politicians or ideas?  Respectively.

 But, Conor, Mark Levin was not writing a 1000 word "think piece".  He was writing as TRIAL LAWYERS and other successful persuaders learn to write and think.  See: "Death Panels"; Sarah Palin.  Look, Mr. Levin IS a good, successful trial lawyer.  We do NOT expound to juries.  They kinda resent that.  And judges shut you off. What we do learn to do is say something that is polemical; that is abbreviated, evocative, and powerfully persuasive.

Just a hint here, Conor...  This just COULD be the reason Levin has a radio show and you don't...or Ann Coulter has a column people love even read and you don't. And for a supposedly smart guy, you are clueless.

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