Wednesday, April 7, 2010

THE HUMANITY: On Fast-balls And Swinging For The Bleachers

As any power-hitter knows, hitting a fast-ball yields the greatest rewards.  It is one of those immutable laws of physics that power-hitters innately understand and exploit.  A slower pitch carries less energy, and energy is the name of the game.

Of course, a really good fast-ball pitcher is also pretty intimidating.  Most batters can’t hit a really good fast-ball reliably; a lot of us can’t really see them.  And they can be pretty daunting when they’re thrown high and inside.  Like at your head.

Well, we have a fast-ball hurler on the mound now, and his name is B.H. Obama.  He is fast, and he’s wild, and he has a lot of us experiencing a nervous tick when we approach the plate.  But, my friends, I assert that is all to the good.  These could be glory days for steely-nerved batters.

We know his game.  He cheats.  He WILL throw the spit-ball, and then he’ll throw a bean-ball on the next pitch if you call him on the cheat.  He plays the game “the Chicago way”.

The crowd has seen this, and they have turned against him.  When he goes down, he’ll go down hard.

This is a time of high POTENTIAL.  The Irish might say these are “interesting times”.  Potential has no good/evil, yen/yang character; it is just power, waiting to be creatively used by human genius, or to be wildly destructive to all around it.  The fire that drives your airplane across a continent, or the consuming flames that eat your house and dearest memories.

As I said, a time of great potential.  Obama has both divided and enlivened the American people in ways perhaps no other person on the national landscape could have done.  He is NOT a “light-bringer”, but is most assuredly a “heat-bringer”.  Because of his attempt to “fundamentally change America”, he has raised the quantum of American political energy to a level that MAY mean there exists the political plasma to fire a Constitutional Renaissance.

It is apparent to most of us that we stand at one of those historic cross-roads that only grace human-kind every few generations.  Obama wants to be “a transformational president”; I think he will get his wish.  The energy is present, and the body politic is each day more focused on the fundamental question he is forcing: will we live in liberty or tyranny?  How will our children live?  Do we choose to thrive or diminish?

Personally, I am filled with a deep sense of hope, excitement, and expectation.  I may live to see my country deliberately reject the creeping coils of collectivism that have been insinuating themselves into our law, politics, and economics for over a century.  I may see the day when Americans will transform their nation, rejuvenating it in the pattern our Founders gave us.

So, we stand at the plate, facing that cheating fast-ball cannon; I say, “Hit away, America.  Swing for the bleachers!”.

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  1. That's a great article. I might have to borrow this for our tea party group. Thanks for the uplift.

    Swing away!!