Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CRASH: Why Not The USS Duke Cunningham...?

While we're naming Navy ships...breaking with tradition...for disgraced and disgraceful old politicians, why not at least name it after a real onetime hero?

The SecNav seems hell-bent on naming a new amphibious assault ship after Rep. Jack Murtha.  Murtha was a Marine.  Once.  Long ago.  We honor his service to his country.  But what had he been since?

Well, he had been a corrupt, pork-grubbing power whore who deplored his own constituents in western Pennsylvania.  He had been an active slanderer of Marines, calling them cold-blooded murderers on the thinnest of accusations.  He never recanted or apologized.  He did work with CODEPINK, though.

One other thing he had been was a big fan of Nannie of her staunchest supporters in the House, and visa versa.  They were thick as thieves.

Duke Cunningham was a Republican, and another corrupt, pork-grubbing power whore who disgraced his office and the people who elected him.  "He was one of the most highly decorated United States Navy pilots in the Vietnam War, receiving the Navy Cross once, the Silver Star twice, the Air Medal 15 times, and the Purple Heart for wounds he received under enemy fire."

Cunningham was, as far as I know, a staunch supporter of the uniformed services and peace officers.

Cunningham could blush...meaning he had a sense of shame, which led him to resign from office.  Murtha never did, though he certainly should have, and for the same general reasons.

So, Mr. Secretary,  if you just feel compelled to name a ship after a corrupt, disgraced pol, at least name it after Duke Cunningham, a real hero...long ago.

If that vessel is named after Murtha, I hope the Marines who have to serve aboard call themselves "Murtha's Murderers".  It has a nice double entendre quality I like.

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