Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BURN: DC Circuit Bitch-slaps Outlaw FCC

The collectivists on the FCC...not bothered by that "legal authority" thingy...were going full-tilt toward "net neutrality" (meaning, stealing free speech and appropriating private property).

The UNANIMOUS DC Circuit (panel, I assume) vigorously reminded the demi-tyrants on the FCC, egged on by Marxist Anything BUT Free Press, that this is still...for the time, at least...a nation of laws.  The FCC didn't have any legal authority to do what they were attempting.

Nobody is mistaking this as the last word, however.  Marxists like Robert W. McChesney will not be discouraged by things like law.

There is a VERY well-funded (Soros) drive among the collective to end free speech in the United States.  They know the stakes, and they are not going to be long deterred in their drive to that prize.


  1. I read an article by Lloyd Grove at The Daily Beast regarding the death of the WH Press Corps. It seems that now that they've used the MSM to get into office, they don't really care for them any more. That goes hand in hand with this overreach.

    Silencing dissent is the goal.

  2. But wasn't the Daily Beast piece about technology killing off the dino MSM?

    I think you can actually count on THE ONE propping up his Bird Cage Liner buddies with federal funding, if they can get away with it.

    They are too valuable a megaphone to just allow to slip away...

  3. It was coming from a technology angle, but you could see the resentment, especially from Helen Thomas. Why have a press corps when the staff photographer will never release a unflattering photo? Why have a press conference when a simple Youtube video won't ask any "gotcha" questions.

    It's all there, they just don't put all the dots together.

    Again, the MSM can tear him down, that makes them dangerous company to keep.

  4. "Again, the MSM can tear him down, that makes them dangerous company to keep."

    I agree, but the collective does not really operate that way. They know the meme. They will hove to the meme, even when it hurts them. Witness current trends in the media (i.e., MSNBC ratings). There are few that will not follow the convention.