Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BURN: Linda Greenhouse Is A DOPE...!!! UPDATED!!!

"Breathing While Undocumented" is Linda Greenhouse's considered, thoughtful bag of BS about the new Arizona law.  She isn't always stupid, so what did it for her this time?

UPDATE: Too Good to Check   [Mark Krikorian]

Let's consider this 'graph...
What would Arizona’s revered libertarian icon, Barry Goldwater, say about a law that requires the police to demand proof of legal residency from any person with whom they have made “any lawful contact” and about whom they have “reasonable suspicion” that “the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States?” Wasn’t the system of internal passports one of the most distasteful features of life in the Soviet Union and apartheid-era South Africa?
But, Linda...why be THAT selective in your effort to smear?  You left out Nazi Germany.  But, more telling, you left out Mexico, which has immigration laws WAY more draconian than ANYTHING in Arizona.  You also left out MOST EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, including those in modern, socialist Europe.
I’m not going back to Arizona as long as it remains a police state, which is what the appalling anti-immigrant bill that Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law last week has turned it into.
Of course, Arizona is far less a police state than is Washington, DC...or New York..., but how do we get to this law being an "appalling anti-immigrant bill"?  The bill has absolutely no impact on legal immigrants, or on documented temporary workers.

So, Linda, we're left with the conviction that your problem isn't really documenting the legal status of aliens (since virtually all nations do that), but that somebody in the United States is doing something effective to cut back on illegal immigration.


  1. “I say this again, as someone who has walked that border, ridden it, flown it and driven it,” she said. “I believe it is as secure as it ever has been.”

    Which is slick politi-speak because obviously that border never was secure. It just didn't have thousands invading it until the last 10 years.

    This woman is more concerned about Tea Partiers than al Qaida. I hope not too many people get killed before we get someone there that has a clue who our enemies are.

  2. Wait... new post coming on Nappy Jan...