Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BURN: The Long Night Of The Undead Death Panel

"Little Peter" Orszag (inne cute) explains how the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) will run your health care decisions.  Powerfully.  Aggressively.  Unaccountably.

Harry Reid put in the law that it would take a 67 vote supermajority to reel this leviathan back in, after life was breathed into its unnatural body by the Deemocrats.

And that damn brainless/ignorant/hillbilly, Sarah Palin, pointed out that she had warned us about all this.

And every Deemocrat in office lied...either vigorously, or by complicity...about what they KNEW was in this insult to democracy.  Particularly Barack Hussain Obama.

If America is ever to be the nation it should be, this blight on everything constitutional has to be COMPLETELY FREAKING REPEALED.  Then we have to pour salt in its mouth, and drive a stake through its heart.  And mount a watch over the ashes where we burned it.

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