Thursday, April 22, 2010

BURN: The People Of Earth Day, 2010

The EnviroMarxists are in full howl all over the world.  Earth Day is NOT about sound environmentalism.  It's about killing capitalism and taking, and fostering outright lies.

The rally opened with music, and an opening ceremony by Indigenous leaders from throughout the Americas. “We are here from the far north to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the South” said Faith Gemmill, Executive Director of Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands (REDOIL). “We have a choice as human kind – a path of life, or a path of destruction. The people who can change the world are here!”

President Morales [of Bolivia] arrived with a welcome from a military honor guard, and gave a long presentation that was both politically sharp, radical, and at times humorous. In the end, he underscored that this crisis is a result of capitalism. And, capitalism and capitalist growth are incompatible with saving humanity (humanity because nature will endure regardless). Towards the end of his speech he concluded, “Either capitalism lives and the earth dies, or capitalism dies and the earth lives.”
President Morales is supporting calls for the continuation of negotiations to:
1. Include not only human rights but also “Mother Earth Rights” in the form of a UN resolution that would be binding and offer a legal basis for the defense of nature;
2. An International Climate Justice Tribunal to prosecute those who commit violations against nature and communities; and
3. A 2 billion person global referendum on solutions to climate to give all affected people throughout the world a direct voice in the path we choose.
As Kathy Shaidle reminds us, it is no great coincidence that Earth Day was set by its founders on the birthday of Lenin.  Yep, that benefactor of humanity.

Ms. Shaidle also reminds us of the quasi-religion of environmentalism, which is in direct conflict with Judeo-Christian beliefs on idolatry and the concept of God-given stewardship (see "dominion").  Speaking of quasi-religion, can you imagine a parody of inbred snake-handlers that beats this...???

Today, I heard a sound-bite of a speech by a kid who was bloviating about the link between racism and pollution.  She mentioned how her fore-bearers had to drink from separate, polluted drinking fountains during Jim Crow.  This is just sad.  It is, of course, a bald-faced lie...or at least a total myth.

I am old enough to recall seeing some of those segregated drinking fountains.  I am also a plumber (among LOTS of other things).  One thing you'll note in those pictures (and I haven't cherry-picked them) is that water comes and goes the same for all God's children.  Nobody was piping in special, polluted water for black people.  Jim Crow was bad enough; nobody has to make stuff up to make it worse.  But this is what you will get when you indoctrinate children with racial and environmental myth.

Then there's this example of the effects of child abuse, which I won't even attempt to comment on:

It is essential to remember who started Earth Day, what it is they are really after, and what it means to your and my freedom.

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