Thursday, April 1, 2010

BURN: Obamic Huge-bris

Sometimes, the language fails to provide an adequate descriptive.  Hence, I am compelled to strike a fresh coin: huge-bris.  This is what you have when all norms of hubris are vastly exceeded.  I submit for your consideration Mr. Obama's statements of yesterday.

"Every single day since I signed the reform law, there's been another poll or headline that said, 'Nation still divided on health care reform. Polls haven't changed yet.' Well, yes. It just happened last week," Obama said to laughter.
He continued: "Can you imagine if some of these reporters were working on a farm and you planted some seeds, and they came out the next day and they looked and - 'Nothing's happened. There's no crop. We're going to starve. Oh, no! It's a disaster!' It's been a week, folks. So, before we find out if people like health care reform, we should wait to see what happens when we actually put it into place. Just a thought."

Oh, yes.  It was a real yuk-fest, there before hand-picked myrmidons in Portland, Maine.  With the same style and cadence of a bad Tahoe lounge comic, Obama kept that kind of blather up for several minutes.  Should we call him Prez-kin, and book him on the Tonight Show?

Apart from the totally un-presidential tone and the over-weening huge-bris, there was the stupidity of the preferred analogy.  Farmers know what they plant.  They don't plant kudzu and expect wheat.  They understand the nature of farming, and they understand that whatever they plant, it can "come a-cropper" for any number of reasons beyond their control.  That makes them different than Deemocrats.  Entirely different.

I have a better analogy; a bus, filled with people.  One man is at the wheel.  For reasons only he knows, he has decided to steer the bus...which contains you, your children and grandchildren...toward the edge of a cliff.  More than half on the bus told him not to do it.  He did it anyway, and told us it was for our own good.

Now, we have impacted the first guard-rail.  Businesses all over the nation are taking charge-offs (as they are required to do by law) reflecting the enormous HIDDEN costs of ObamaCare.  States are beginning to report their estimates of the mandate they will now be burdened with by this folly.  The passengers on the bus are yelling for the driver to undo what anyone with sense knows is driving us pell-mell over the edge.

As we hit the guard-rail, what was happening was apparent to anyone with eyes.  But it might not be too late.

Or driver, though, mocks the people who are stating the obvious; that we are hurtling toward certain ruin.

"Shoot, it was only a second ago that I spun the wheel toward the precipice!  Nothing bad has happened yet, right?  Bunch of pansies!"

Is this just Obama's ignorance, or is it the application of Cloward-Piven?


  1. i thought this post was well written-- it gave a good rundown of the situation you were commenting on at the beginning of the piece, which i need because i don't tend to follow things as closely as you do. i thought the comparison of the analogies was interesting, too. so how do you think government healthcare will bring us to ruin? is it inducing direct and immediate ruin, or do you think it just takes us one more step down the road of big government that the people end up working for, versus the government working for the people? i gotta admit, i don't think this healthcare plan was a good idea, but utter ruin sounds a bit dramatic to me crazy, but i think america is stronger than that.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Faith.

    Yes, utter ruin may sound a bit dramatic, but I think that's where we are.

    Look up some of the very good graphic representations of unfunded entitlement debt going forward. SS is broke now, earlier than any recent predictions. Medicare and Medicaid are shortly to join SS. These are KNOWN problems. There is no earthly way that this kind of spending can be sustained.

    Apart from that, this expansion of federal power will put government control directly in each American's life in an incredibly intrusive way. It is intended to make each of us a ward of the government. That is simply unacceptable to a people who are supposed to live under a system of liberty.