Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BURN: James Cameron, Master Projectionist and Pharoh Of Climate Change

In recent comments, James Cameron (who is guilty of writing Avatar, among several other crimes), proves he's the King Of DeNial, and the world's master projectionist.

James (Ram-sheech I) Cameron, King Of DeNial, also shows he is the master of projection--
Cameron said his critics were “people ranting away, lost in their bubbles of reality, steeped in their own hatred, their own fear and hatred
"And the people that are propagating this denial of climate change and that are ranting on in this, kind of, you know, fear mongering, you know, they’re the people that have to answer to my children for the world that they’re propagating and the world that they’re essentially creating, which is going to be a very bleak world,” he added.
Lessee...fear mongering...  Hmm...  Hatred and ranting, hmm...?  Bleak world for children, hey...?

Well, it would be hard to find a group of people who LIVE by their own admission...MORE than climate warmongers.  Even the supposedly impassive, objective "scientists" at the beating heart of global warming  climate change have admitted they have hyped their projections to the stratosphere for effect

And, as between climate warmongers and people projecting the economic effects of abominations like Crap & Raid, who has a model they can defend?  I mean when I say I can absolutely predict the economic effect of taxing carbon production, and it will result in a bleak future for your children and mine (though not Cameron's little princes and princesses), does my reasoned mechanism seem more credible to you than a warmonger's prediction of world temperature 100 years from now?  Which one would you bet your  life on?

Is it fear-mongering to point out certainties?  Certainties that will condemn Americans (ordinary Americans) to a darker, slower, and shorter life as a direct result of Cameron's fantasy, if adopted?
After the panel, also asked Cameron, “You talked about the disconnect between science and politics and political officials. Could you just talk about the false information that you think is being put out there, specifically?”

Cameron said, “Sure. Well, I think there’s a huge disinformation campaign, and it has to do with what I call the ‘relativity of wrong.’

“You know, the kind of organized special interest group denial lobbyists and their sort of talk-show host puppets, say all kinds of things and point at scientists that have proven to have incorrect analysis or have been shown, inaccurately it turns out, to have, you know, propagated incorrect analysis into some of their published work,” he said.

“That’s like, ‘Okay, that’s a couple guys.’ There are thousands of scientists that are in utter lockstep consensus about this issue. So it’s about the ‘relativity of wrong,’” Cameron added.
OK.  "Scientists that are in utter lockstep..." has a certain disturbing feel to me.  Cameron's big point here is that a thousand lock-stepping scientists CAN'T be wrong.  Can they?  And, hey, what if the core of their "science" is a polluted little agenda echo chamber that we KNOW has lied, cheated, and broken actual law to protect their BS from scrutiny, much less peer review?  Shoot, that's just the "relativity of wrong".

Now, Cameron is not a scientist; apparently he's not even an historian.  If he were, he'd understand the real shining stars of science have always had to buck a "consensus" of incumbent gods of science, telling them they were wrong, wrong, wrong.  As our mothers used to tell us, two (or thousands of) wrongs don't make a right.

But Cameron is also no economist or engineer, either:
“You know, and I think that the point that the Chinese are the world leaders in renewable energy technology,” said Cameron. “Right now, 60 percent of the solar cells are made in China . They’re employing, you know, hundreds of thousands of people in the renewable energy sector and they don’t need to – they’re a dictatorship, essentially."

Yep.  The Chinese lead the world in lead-tainted toys, too.  They make the bulk of really crappy diesel engines, too...the kind that produce WAY more pollution than American engines.  But, hey...  They employ LOTS of people in their nasty factories, right, James? 


  1. Yup. China is the leader in production of solar tech, and sells 100% of it to schmuck nations like us - while they burn megatons of coal for their energy.

    Cameron is a typical Hollyweird earth evangelist. Next.

  2. There is an engineering density.

    You could cover the earth in solar cells, and they wouldn't produce enough power for our use.

  3. Boy, what a bunch of ranting haters...!!!

    Damn your "engineering"...!

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