Sunday, March 14, 2010

CRASH: Stonewalling Sestak Bribe

Obama mouth-organ Robert "Fibs" Gibbs has, for the fifth time, declined to answer reporters' questions about the Sestak bribe allegation.

You may recall that Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak has alleged an Obama staffer offered him a high-level administration position if Sestak would forebear running against Sen. Arlen "Sphincter" Specter (Turncoat, PA).

The administration has--one time--denied Sestak's claim. Gibbs has five times dodged addressing it since.

This leads a keen observer of human nature, especially the behavior of liars, to conclude two distinct likelihoods:

1. Sestak's story is substantially true; and,

2. There exists some evidence showing that the story is true.

Gibbs' behavior leaves very little in the way of other options. Byron York asks in the piece linked to (above), "How long will the Sestak Stonewall continue?". If deduction serves, Mr. York, it will last as long as it can, because the Obama administration is guilty as charged. Stonewalling, and hoping the story goes away, is all they have.

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