Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Insurrection: If "Demon Pass" Is Signed By Obama

UPDATE: John Hood at NRO has a Face Book thingie up:    JOIN UP!!!

Elsewhere, people have been asking how they can mount a court challenge to ObamaCare if Demon Pass is signed.  Note, I did not say, "...signed into law".  I think there are numerous things about this take-over of health-care...NOT insurance reform...that are patently unlawful.

The simple fact is that individual Americans would have no standing to fight this through the courts.  That precedent is nearly as old as the Republic, if memory serves.

That NEVER  means that individual Americans would be powerless...that they should just roll over and comply.  I suggest that we must do the opposite.

I fully expect there will be very good, well-founded and well-financed challenges coming from groups and officials.  There should be.

But individual citizens can defy this "law", and I suggest they should.  I assure you, I will be.  That will provide any of us who are prosecuted the standing we otherwise could not have. And no American citizen should obey a law passed in defiance of the Constitution.

I hope many, many Americans will agree.  If they cannot themselves join the insurrection, they can contribute to the legal defense of those who do.

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