Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RE: Selective McCarthyism And Holder's Lead Shield

Marc A. Thiessen (link above, read the whole piece, please) makes some excellent points about the selective morality of many in our legal community. They will fly all over Bush-era lawyers who did yeoman work in a time of great national extremity, and literally cry for their hides (their sheep-skins allowing them to practice law) or worse. But many of these same people get all wee-weed up when the names of several serving Justice Department lawyers...some in POLICY-MAKING positions directly impacting national security...finally get released to the public.

I will have more to relate regarding these lawyers Holder hired, and the controversy surrounding them.

But one thing that needs to be noted right now is the lead shield that surrounds "the most transparent administration evah", and the Holder Justice Department particularly. This is NOT healthy, folks. Holder is...going away...the most radical Attorney General I have ever known in that post, and his appointments (like those of THE ONE) are amazingly wrong. That he will stonewall the other branches of government...AND the American people he "serves"...over even simple information (like the identity of the lawyers in question) is very disturbing.

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