Monday, March 22, 2010

Mourning In America

Understand; I remain hopeful.  But I am in mourning.

I am in mourning for America, for its ideals, its promise, and its continued existence in its present form as anything but a dwindling, diminishing mediocrity, destined to be brought low by its many enemies.  As Mark Steyn observed at The Corner, one inevitable consequence of intentionally bankrupting the United States will be the shifting of resources away from defense, and into an effort to prop up the entitlements that are our new replacement for liberty...for a time.  Another will be that Americans will cease to be who and what we have been, and revert to a more ancient form; the supplicant and the serf.

I mourn for the entire concept of a "loyal opposition", to the extent that had any currency before last night.  It is gone now; utterly and completely gone.  The people who have done this to my my personal liberty...are not in any sense "loyal" to anything I value.  Not to truth.  Not to the rule of law, or the rules of much of anything.  Not to rational action...what we call "common sense".  Not to any principle of our founding, or of freedom.  Not to any notion of restrained power.  Whatever they are "loyal" to, it is such a foreign thing that I do not recognize it as part of my world.  Nor do I wish to.

I mourn for my children and grandchildren, who, if this is not somehow reversed, will never know what I have known, but instead will know increased control, want, powerlessness, and fear.  They will know less and less opportunity in a shrinking economy, less and less income, and their government will demand more and more of their diminished livelihoods while intruding more and more into their diminished lives.

I mourn for a world that has...literally overnight...become less safe, and less free.  This nation has been the place for distressed people to look to for succor.  It has been the place that our collectivist friends in the world have relied on for defense against more aggressive collectivists.  It has been the place where people who would live free resorted to as their preferred home, or their last resort.  Those things about America are now changing.  They are not gone, but they will now start going.

I mourn, most of all, for lost potential.  That nebulous, unrealized next new thing that would have been, but now will not be because the vitality has been sucked out of our nation.  It would have been wonderful, it would have changed lives, or made them longer or more poignant, or made us stronger and safer.  Now it won't.

I said that I am hopeful.  I am.  I am hopeful despite so clearly seeing the train-wreck that will now unfold if this "transformative event" is not reversed.  I think that it can be reversed, and I certainly have a heart to do it.

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  1. Nothing will be reversed. This was a victory for all fair and thoughtful people in the US.

    Insert your tail between your KKKFC chicken wing eat'n thighs and go home to sister-wife.

  2. Nothing will be reversed. This was a victory for all fair and thoughtful people in the US.

    Insert your tail between your KKKFC chicken wing eat'n thighs and go home to sister-wife.


    Connor, since when is socialism fair? You have never suffered through the hell of socialism like the East Germans did, for nearly 50 years. When they had the chance, they reunified with FREE West Germany. It wasn't free West Germany running with open arms to the "workers paradise" of East Germany.

    If you really want to know just how unfair socialism is, read this article. It was written by a former Soviet citizen that did suffer through socialism, so he has first hand experience in the uselessness of anything socialist. Like "free" healthcare.

    If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it's free. - P.J. O'Rourke

  3. Connor,

    I'm a fighter. There will be no tail-tucking here.

    Why is it your default response to post this kind of trash, rather than meet in the arena of ideas?