Monday, March 22, 2010

BURN: The "Principled Deemocrat" Myth

There are many, many silver linings in the bleak times in which we live.  One...not the least of the rapid stripping away of veneers carefully applied over decades, layers of false colors self-applied by people of the collective to hide who they are, and what they believe.

Case-in-point: Bart Stupak.  Only recently, many very perceptive and intelligent people were calling him "courageous", "principled", and "brave" in honor of his pretended stand against the abortion funding carefully included and more carefully obscured in ObamaCare.  People on the Right believed him, perhaps mostly because we want to believe well of even our opposition.  That is a vacant hope, as we've been taught so often before.  Still, we revert.

 I frankly wondered how anyone of integrity could ever label themselves "Democrat" after Bill Clinton.  I still do, and more so after ObamaCare.  Therein lies the lesson; nobody of any integrity can call themselves a Democrat.  That is the rule, and we may all state exceptions.  It is still the rule.  Remember it.

Bart Stupak is not stupid; he was not duped by the Svengali Obama.  He caved.  The whole "executive order" deal was a fig-leaf, impure and simple.  Before he caved, he was bought for a fairly puny mess of pottage in the form of bucks for a few rural airports in his district. 

As to the promised executive order, it will last (if it is ever really issued) precisely as long as it takes to bring a court challenge.  It will then be simply dust...a fine form of dirt.

And the name "Stupak" will henceforth be mud.

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