Friday, March 26, 2010

BURN: Celebrate "Earth Hour"...Or You Can Celebrate REASON HOUR

"Earth Hour" is the neo-luddite, anti-rational feel-good notion of the Warm-mongering collective.  During Earth Hour, you are supposed to turn off all lights at 8:30 pm, your local time.  Of course, you can do more; maybe you can turn off the heat in your home, forebear from flushing your toilet...whatever.

Or, like me, you can observe Reason Hour, as I did last year.

My celebration honors the contributions of modern science, art, and technology.  I celebrate by turning on every light in...and home, in honor of the incredible blessing of the electric light that gave humanity hours of extended, meaningful LIFE. 

I run my appliances, using the water that plentifully flows into my home, unlike my ancestors whose very bodies were marked by the chore of hauling water into a place where it could be used. 

I play my stereo LOUDLY, or watch a DVD recording on my TV. 

I also make a point of GRILLING red meat over live coals.

And, as I do, I give thanks to the men and women who brought each of those benefits to humanity by the application of REASON, and to the God who gave to man the ability to think, to invent, to fashion, and to shape our environment.

I invite all like-minded people to join me.

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