Monday, March 15, 2010

BURN: Slobber & Squish--Milbank On Graham

 Slobber & Squish may sound like a Monty Python version of some hellish English dish (see "Bubble & Squeak", which is actually not bad).  Or a West Hollywood accounting firm.

But, no, in this case it refers to Dana Milbank's piece on Lindsey (I'm A Living Reagan) Graham.  Graham is the name that reflexively evokes the term "squish" in the minds of actual conservatives.

Not in his own mind, however: "The people that call me a RINO would call Ronald Reagan a RINO".

So, now we have to add "delusional" to our descriptives of Graham.

He is the poster-boy for what a lot of conservatives simply detest about the GOP.  So of course WaPo loves the man.

NOTE: If the title above caused anyone gastric distress or temporary blindness, I apologize.

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