Thursday, March 11, 2010

BURN: Holder Slip-Sliding Away...?

(h/t The Corner) From Sen. Jeff Sessions--

I am deeply concerned by Attorney General Holder’s failure to disclose to the Senate Judiciary Committee his third-party brief in support of Jose Padilla’s Supreme Court case. Not only was the Attorney General required to provide the brief as part of his confirmation, but the opinions expressed in it go to the heart of his responsibilities in matters of national security. This is an extremely serious matter and the Attorney General will have to address it immediately. It is essential that we have full confidence, and receive full candor, from the official leading the Department of Justice.

When Holder had the bright idea to try KSM in NYC, we started to hear rumblings that his days were numbered. That seems to have blown over as the administration walked back from that particular idiocy.

But, bit by bit, we may be approaching the tipping point that will see Mr. Holder returning to private practice. He should never have been nominated for Attorney General, much less confirmed. He is easily the most radical person EVER to hold his office, and his history should have easily disqualified him from consideration.


  1. There seems to be a very selective memory loss for both the AG Tool of Tools, Eric Holder, and also the 19 simpleton Senators who voted this ASSCLOWN of an AG in to the position he now covets.

    All it will take for the current administration to implode is ONE person to resign or asked for their resignation. This whole Administration of Cards will then come crumbling down.

    The Tool of Tools, AG Eric Holder has been malfeasant in his position and very much a complete derelict for his duties as prescribed by the law of the land and the U.S. Constitution.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I hope you'll give me your views on the site, and recommend it to your friends.

    BTW, I concur with most of what you say, but I wonder how much it will take to bring down this administration.