Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CRASH: The Madness Of "Homeland Security"

Nappy Jan Napolitano is arguably one of the most risible figures in government.  The dark side of the joke is that she's in charge of your security, and that of everyone you love.

From her declaration of deepest denial that the borders are more secure than they have been in decades, to her insistence that air passenger security be performed by the Keystone Kops to avoid any effective method that smacks of "profiling", this half-witted woman...hand-picked by exposing us to greater danger every day.  The cost, of course, is immense by every possible measure.  From tax funds to freedoms, but most of all to safety, we are paying to keep incompetence in office.

There are, to be sure, fine people working for the TSA.  They are made into vulgar, groping clowns by the people at the top of this administration.  It is the leadership that has mandated that the same effective and respectful modes of security used by Israeli and European security forces are verboten here in the U.S.

This is madness.  It isn't just STUPID; it is dangerous.  It is the result of the Collective's slavish devotion to the dogma of political correctness.  It WILL get Americans killed.  It is nothing short of miraculous that it has not to date.


  1. The important part to remember is that the people who believed the Patriot Act was a complete violation of civil rights are standing quietly, tacitly endorsing this policy.

    So government approved sexual assault of minors is acceptable, yet wiretapping foreigners conversations with people on the watch list are not.

  2. Well, yeaaaah...!!! Duh!!!

    Then there is the Nappy Jan thought that burka-wearing Muslim ladies should get a waiver.

    Got to be sensitive, ya know...

  3. I for one feel safer! But only because I'll not be flying anywhere while this is going on. Grab some CD's and a cooler. Road Trip!!

  4. Almost as though the airline industry was targeted for special Obamic attention.

    "Carbon foot-print"? What "carbon foot-print"?