Sunday, November 14, 2010

CRASH: Asian People Also Apparently Too Ignorant to Appreciate Presidential Awesomeness


You might have thought having his a$$ handed to him on a mid-term platter would humble the Narcisist in Chief.  Think again.  Once again Dear Leader jumps into Ego One and demonstrates his utter cluelessness across the globe.  Three goals for the trip - per ABC - and three strikes.  Trade deal with South Korea? Thanks so much for the visit, but nope.  Convince China to stop manipulating their currency (the same week the Fed drops $600 Bil into circulation)?  Thanks for the lecture, but go f%& yourself.  Convince G20 nations to pressure China and buy more American stuff?  Thanks for the offer, but nobody wants American stuff.  Too expensive.  Union labor.

Obama Post G20: 'Instead Of Hitting Home Runs, Sometimes We're Going To Hit Singles'

Jonathan Last at The Weekly Standard has a good take that helps solve the mystery of how this man can possibly be so dense.  His field of vision is completely obscured by himself, and he can't understand how anyone could possibly see anything other than him either.  American Narcissus - The Vanity of Barack Obama.

Meanwhile the clock keeps on ticking...

The Gross National Debt

But hope is in sight.  As Rags reminded us, "We Just Won A Battle, Not The War".  If anything, it's time to turn up the pressure.  Balance the budget.  Kill the earmarks.  Repeal Barry Care.

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