Sunday, November 14, 2010

BURN: The Faint Rumor Of The March Of Destiny

It is faint and indistinct, but undeniably there.  Like the first rumor of dawn that may be as much hope as visible light, we are hearing a murmur of change in the land.

From different quarters, there is a growing realization that we cannot carry on as we have for decades, flirting with Collectivism in various forms and strengths.  All are poisonous and destructive.
Bottom line: You’re either for changes to the benefit formula, or you’re for big tax increases on the next generation. If you oppose benefit formula changes on the grounds that they are “cuts,” then you are for big tax increases. Period.
That is not a quote from Sarah Palin, but Charles Blauhaus, one of two public trustees who oversee Social Security and Medicare.

Slowly at first...then with gathering speed, the scales of darkness are going to be falling from the eyes of people in the United States.  They are going to be awakening to where we are, and the perils of our position.  They are going to be increasingly aware of the hard...but potentially wonderfully empowering...choices we as a people are going to face.

It is no small thing that people in public life...even some brave politicians...are beginning to face reality and raise the issues of ruinous spending.  To move a nation, one must build a notion into a movement.  Liberty and self-reliance are not creeds of heartless selfishness.  They never have been, and they never will be.  They are how a nation becomes...and continues...great.


  1. Good article cause I also know that things cannot keep going as they are right now. There was a brief happiness during the mid-term elections, but it's going to take more & more than just 1 day of elections & then back to Monday Night Football & soap operas.

  2. Yep. We have to all be...and remain...activists.

    The folks we elect have to be watched, schooled, and replaced if they become part of the problem.

    No rest. No return to fat, dumb and happy. All of us have a job of education to do, too. Family, friends, neighbors...all have to understand what we do. Government is too big, too intrusive, and it cannot be allowed to continue.