Friday, November 12, 2010

BURN: SF Institutes Happy Meal Apartheid

Not finding enough by way of actual civic need to address, the city fathers parents of San Francisco have determined that no longer will Happy Meals as we know them be legal in their precincts.  Freedom, schmeedom.

The vote was strong enough to survive a veto by the major.

Of course, what this means is that better-off parents will still obtain Happy Meals from the benighted suburbs around San Francisco.  They will burn more fuel in the process, naturally.

Only the poorest parents in the city will find that their children, who may eat the same food, will be deprived of the plastic plunder that the nanny statists find so terribly, awfully threatening.  The poor will pay the same price, naturally, for the food alone.

Way to go, Collectivists.  Unintended consequences abound!

If we allow this to continue, we will have the same state of affairs existing in the Collectivist heavens of Cuba and North Korea.  There, you can have neither "happy" nor "meal".  San Francisco is half-way there.


  1. There are a number of work arounds.

    My favorite:
    Sell the toy for the same price as the Happy Meal and throw in a Happy Meal for free.

  2. That would required corporate stones.

    MUCH more rare than Unobtainium outside Pandora.

    (I am disturbed that I know those terms...)