Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CRASH: Tuesday's Restoring Sanity Event

On the opposite end of the "effectiveness" and "reality" scales from last Saturday's "Restoring Sanity Rally", Tuesday saw Americans across the nation hold a rather more sober event.  We went to the ballot box and voted to REALLY restore sanity...or to at least begin.

One thing we voted FOR was American exceptionalism.  We have decided we will not be led into a Great Receding.  We choose to be great as a people, a nation, and economy.

We voted AGAINST the Collective...against BIG GOVERNMENT...and FOR individual liberty.  We voted FOR MARKETS and AGAINST crony-capital fascist economics.

Now, make no mistake; there are pockets where...try as we might...nobody can restore sanity.  Kulhifornia comes to mind.  The people of that mad-house state CHOSE to have Gov. Moonbeam in their statehouse.  They CHOSE to have Barbara "Don't Call Me Ma'am" Boxer in the Senate.  As a native Californian, I mourn...while making sure I stay as far away (geographically and ideologically) as I can.  Those people are nuts!

Texas (mah home) got MUCH more deeply RED yesterday.  In some respects, that is too bad.  Not everyone who was tugged into office on the Obamic coat-tails was bad, and some of them were really quite good (the Harris County District Clerk, Loren Jackson, did a very fine job in his office).  But that is the way of tidal-wave elections. 

Even here in DEEP RED Texas, we still have people like Sheila Jackson-Lee re-elected with 70% of her racist-voting district returning her racist self to Washington.  This is, of course, insane, and we all live and hope for the day when Black Texans vote something besides color.  Maybe, given the record number of Black Conservatives who that "racist" TEA Party movement supported into office, that day is coming soon.

Except for isolated pockets of CRAZY (like California), the nation has turned decidedly RED...even in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Garrison Keilor should be put on a suicide watch immediately...especially given his NPR connection.


  1. Unfortunately, we saw formerly sane Democrats put party before principles and constituents. After the last 4 years, I'll never vote for a Democrat again, regardless of how good they are. The simple fact is that when push comes to shove they will never vote against their party.

  2. "The simple fact is that when push comes to shove they will never vote against their party."

    Idunno. After the bloodbath, I'm thinking a lot of Democritters will decide they like their nice office in the Capitol and expense accounts better than the DNC. Cover Your Ass is in play, and does not refer to said Donkey party me thinks.

  3. Well, at the state and national level, a Deemocrat is an enemy of liberty. Note the period.

    On the local level, the label seems to get a bit...meaningless. I have known crappy Republican judges and good D judges. So, it becomes a bit more complex than just voting a straight ticket. Life is like that...