Sunday, November 21, 2010

CRASH: Wow, Did You Know Charlie Rangel Is Black?

Shazaam.  It turns out that Chawlie Rangel is Black!  Who knew?  Oh, and he once did something or other with Martin Luther King.  So he should walk, right?

Well, that was the impetus behind Rep. John Lewis' comments, here (h/t Legal Insurrection)

Now, Mr. Lewis has lost all credibility he ever possessed over the lies told by the CBC regarding their treatment by ObamaCare opponents.

But pretend Lewis was credible; Duke Cunningham was a bona fide war hero.  That did not...nor should it ever...excuse his corruption while in high office, which was no worse or different than that of Rangel.  And it did not excuse it, or mediate his punishment or his fall.

But Rangel is a Collectivist, and he is Black.  And in this America...which is more racially oriented than it was a few years ago...that matters.  It never should, but it does.

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