Thursday, November 18, 2010

CRASH: Screw You, Sen. Rockefeller

I would add, "With all due respect", but I just don't have any respect.  I don't give a rat's asp what this fool is hungry for, or what he wants or thinks.  He is just another Collectivist thug, of the breed we need to crush (in the world of ideas). 

This is a sterling example of why we MUST pull the power cable on Washington,, and every tomorrow until it is disabled in its present bloated form.


  1. Tried to get angry when I heard this cretin but I was laughing too hard. Per Beck, this is like bank robbers saying we should get rid of police.

    Memo to Democretin: Keep Pelosi and Reid and pleeeease make Rockeflounder your party spokesman..."I hunger for corruption. I am tired of the Constitution and ethics. I have this little bug inside that says "We don't need no steenking first ammendment!"

    P.S. Dems - Ya'll are in a deep hole. By all means KEEP DIGGING!

    Thank You

  2. Amen.

    I just hope the hole does not collapse violently.