Thursday, November 25, 2010

CRASH: Thank God for the Constitution


We're thankful for a lot of things today, not the least of which is that this country has survived and thrived through far worse than the present crises - and is finally on course to derail these cretin in Washingtoon who are intent on removing our constitutional freedoms.  While the Obama government model would certainly get you an A on a Poli Sci paper at Harvard or Columbia - it can not, does not and will never work in the real world - only on Ivy League blackboards.  POTUS has repeatedly suggested that the European model is pretty spiffy, and we ought to move in that direction.  Say there EU, "how's that Hope & Change workin' out for ya?"

Strike Outs:
  • Greek Tragedy  (€150 Bil - $210 Bil)  A nice reward for gross mismanagement, massive government entitlements, graft and corruption.
  • Ireland Bailout  (€85 Bil - $119 Bil)  Already a failure.  Ireland is on the brink of collapse.
On Deck:
  • Portugal Bailout - Public sector debt, at about 80% of GDP, combined with a 9.3% budget deficit.  Worse still is the private sector debt, at 240% of GDP. Foreign investors account for about 40% of all bank funding and concerns about the economy have already "shut Portuguese banks out of the international markets".
  • Spain - Right on the tail of Portugal, but 8 - 10 times larger.
  • France - Coming unglued over raising retirement from 60 to 62. The move will alleviate about 2% of their future debt crisis.
  • Belgium has not even had a sovereign government for the last 6 months!  EU runs the show there.
  • Most disconcerting of all - none of the bailed countries have any realistic prospect of paying back these bailouts in the forseeable future.
The fundamental design of the EU was intended to eclipse the United States and ultimately lead the global economy.  So why the epic fail of the EU where the U.S. has thrived through 200 years of crisis?   Pretty simple really - The framers of the Constitution never intended Washington to amass the level of power it is now reaching (over-reaching) for - and the 10th ammendment further protects the states sovereignty.

Nigel Farage was a Conservative Party MP in Britain until Thatcher resigned. Now he chairs the Independent Party and is a Member of the European Parliament.  His recent message to the EU is simply extraordinary.  The spectacle of European nations submitting their sovereignty to a central body is bizarre enough in itself...

Who has the kahonas to stand before our Congress and say with conviction, "Just who the hell do you people think you are? You are very, very dangerous people indeed!" He'll be my man for the Whitehouse. Chris Christie is close I guess - but who else? Boehner? McConnel? Romney? Palin? Not even close.

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