Sunday, November 28, 2010

CRASH: The Collective's Goal Is Submissive Subjects

Disarmed, stolid, compliant subjects are always the goal of the Collective.  They like people passive, pliant, and powerless.  That is a constant, and one that cannot be forgotten.  

The Collective is showing a renewed drive to disarm Americans, and that is no joke...and no paranoid delusion.

Barack Hussain Obama has put forward a man to head the ATF (long one of the more roguish of the alphabet-soup Federal agencies) that should be strongly opposed.  He is a doctrinaire anti-gun extremist...and that seems his primary qualification for his nomination to the position.  Well, that...and he's connected to Chicago.

You know, Chicago.  That city where the mayor insists that private citizens have no right to effective self-defense, and where they are vigorously prosecuted for having a firearm.  That city where nobody is ever shot to death, like in the other big gun-prohibition cities...Detroit, New York, and Washington, DC.

Speaking of Washington, DC, a Federal judge there essentially told the Supreme Court to screw itself recently in his lather to help reinstate a gun prohibition in that city.  Precedent be damned...right along with the Constitution.

The New York Times has redoubled its editorial nonsense against gun ownership and those who advocate that citizens should have a right to have them and carry them.  According to the voice of the Collective, such people are irresponsible, and a threat to "public safety".  Hmm...

Then, there is this nexus; Americans are being trained to be happy cattle, passive in the face of TSA conduct that would constitute a sex crime in another context, and is a miserable, stupid, and vacant violation of civil liberties.

At the same time, we are being told by our Collectivist "leaders" that more and more of us will be pushed to use mass transportation for our needs...buses and the boondoggle bullet trains our taxes are being squandered upon. I think it may be fairly universal that pistol-carry permit holders are not allowed on city buses with their weapons now.  It is impossible to imagine they will be MORE tolerated in mass transit in the future.

Our right to travel is being eroded.  Our jealousy of our civil-liberties is being tested and desensitized.  And the Collective has ALWAYS wanted us disarmed and totally dependent on an armed police force for our personal protection...and for "the public good".

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  1. Dear Mr Traver

    Congrats on the new gig in Washingtoon! Just wanted to let you know that me and my friends here in GA and TX rather like our Bibles and guns. We're not bitter and clingy, just resolute. While the second ammendment in the Constitution stands, go pound sand. Good luck with the collective schtick.

    Your Good Buddys