Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BURN: Recovery Autumn Begins Today In Ernest

After being subjected to the farcical facial fraud that was "Recovery Summer", Americans are today giving themselves a real Recovery Autumn.  We are taking back...beginning to take back...our nation from the Collective.

This will, of course, be a long, hard, difficult road.

It will be a road requiring constant vigilance, which a lot of those in the Political Class are counting on.  They count on our not remaining vigilant.  That has always been the safe money bet in the past.  Why should it be different this time?

Well, simply because it IS different this time.  There has been a sea-change in American political life.  To employ another useful cliche'...a tipping point was reached.   For that, we have Barack Hussain Obama and his Obami to thank.

We are not the America of only two years ago.  We are learning.  We are seeing.  We understand more now.  We will not trust anyone...regardless of the political label they wear, or what they SAY.  We will only judge them by what they DO, how they do it, and who they show themselves to be.  And we will turn them out...root and branch...if they fail us in their high office.  Whether that office is Dog Catcher, or Senator.

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