Monday, November 8, 2010

BURN: Blogger Looking Pretty Shiney On Deepwater Horizon

A certain blogger (a-hem) wrote months ago to dispel a number of myths about the Deepwater Horizon incident.  

Just today, the story is breaking that the probe into the incident is finding what that certain blogger was saying they would find.
“We certainly found no evidence that anyone had scrimped on safety, for example, to save money,” William Reilly, co- chairman of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, told reporters at a break in the commission’s meeting in Washington. He later said, “What we have really heard today is a story of what appears to be several very human decisions made by competent professionals who missed signals.”
There were a series of challenges that had to be addressed,” said Reilly, a former head of the Environmental Protection Agency. “It looks as though, by and large, almost every one of the responses to those challenges was justifiable and professional.”
To that was added this assessment--
Panel Chief Counsel Fred Bartlit, who presented the preliminary findings, touched on the role of BP’s wells-team leader, John Guide, who vetoed a proposal to install equipment that may have kept explosive natural gas from seeping into the well and jetting up to the floating rig.
“We have not seen a single instance where a human being made a conscious decision to favor dollars to safety,” Bartlit said.
Henry Waxman, eat dooky!

Of course, none of the CongressIdiots like Waxman, or the enviro-nuts who smeared everyone in general...and the drilling industry in particular...will EVER be called to task for the crap they spewed (far exceeding the effects of the oil spill).  Too bad...


  1. This was an inside job. Steel doesn't burn. It looks like a controlled implosion to me! It was the Neo-Cons. It was Buuuuussssshhh!!

    Hey, if nobody messed up who's ass is Barry gonna kick now?

  2. Look up Gulf of Tonkin. Google it!