Saturday, November 6, 2010

BURN: Murky--Working To Be The Most Despised Woman In DC

Lisa "Murky" Murkowski is working HARD for the title of Washington's MOST Despised Woman.  By some lights, she just might pull it off.

Bringing new meaning to the term "political whore" applied to, make that ANY...gender (we have to remember Bwarny Frank), Murky broke both her promise to and faith with the GOP when she was whipped by Joe Miller in the Alaska primary for U.S. Senator.  Being the Political Class brat she was raised to be, she could not accept defeat...or keep her word.  So, she ran AGAINST Miller.

For some reason I have yet to understand, the high number of write-in votes is supposed to mean Murky won.  There were about a hundred people who made it to "write-in" status, but certified smart people seem to assume the only one who actually got voted for was Murky.  Odd.

Meanwhile, Old Sheriff Joe Biden...beloved of all Alaskans...called Murky to encourage her by telling her he was proud of the way she "stood up".  Meaning, we must suppose, the way she stood up to the rank and file of Alaskan Conservative voters and the majority of the GOP there.  A profile in courage, indeed, Murky.  We can't have those proles thinking they can rob us of our privileges, right?

If she does win, she will go to a Washington that has shifted tectonically to the Conservative side of things, and one being watched and steered by those of us who love liberty much more than power.  She will both hate that, and be despised for her conduct.  She may still think it a bargain.

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