Saturday, September 18, 2010

BURN: Murky Does Anchorage

Removing any doubt about her political virtue (she's a power-whore) Murky Murkowski has put herself on the street, so to speak, trolling for Johns donors even among Deemocrats.  Gotta feed that habit...!!! (h/t QandO)
Karen Knutson, Murkowski’s chief of staff, emailed scores of top lobbyists in town and employees at some of the largest oil companies – including Chevron, Conoco Phillips and Marathon Oil – to ask them to join the senator on a conference call Saturday, according to a copy of the e-mail and a recipient list obtained by POLITICO.
“To my friends in D.C. – if you are so inclined, please join us for a conference call with Lisa Murkowski tomorrow at 2:30 D.C. time and 10:30 Alaska time,” wrote Knutson. “She would love to have the chance to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if you intend to call in.”

But lobby money is only ONE source, and Murky will work both sides of the street (AC/DC);
Knutson also sent the invitation to Democratic superlobbyist Heather Podesta – a clue that Murkowski could seek bipartisan financial support in order to fund her write-in campaign. Federal Election Commission records show Podesta has been a consistent and generous Democratic political donor and has never given to Murkowski before.
Ugly, but strangely excellent…!

All this flushes Murky’s political proclivities out in the open (she’s a power-whore…unprincipled).

This simultaneously flushes her future as a Republican down the drain.

AND it will, with some luck, siphon off Deemocrat donor funds that might otherwise be used for something that would get the results they want.  Kuhl….!!!


  1. Ya but, I'm just thinking this whole GOP picture is getting creepier by the minute. Like they're TRYING to blow a sure thing. Zero continuity or cooperation. Loony Leadership! Starting to remind me of a Ken Kesey Novel - One Flew Over the Loony Nest.

    Smoke filled back room at GOPHQ with Michael "Martini" Steele...

    McMurphy: Ante up.
    Martini: [rips a cigar in half] I bet a nickel.
    McMurphy: Dime's the limit, Martini.
    Martini: I bet a dime.
    [Puts the two halves onto the table]
    McMurphy: This is not a dime, Martini. This is a dime. [shows a whole cigar]
    McMurphy: If you break it in half, you don't get two nickels, you get sh!t. Try and smoke it. You understand?
    Martini: Yes.
    McMurphy: You don't understand.

  2. Great sage post! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

  3. What was the great Will Rogers quote...

    Something like, I don't belong to an organized political party...I'm a Democrat!

    I've often identified with the part about "an organized party"...