Monday, September 13, 2010

BURN: Koran Burner: Creepier Than You Think

by swede

An addendum to Rags' piece - All you really didn't want to know about Rev. Terry Jones, but can not avoid because the creepy crapweasel is plastered up everywhere from Drudge to HuffPo to Fox to MSNBC. The Smoking Gun turned up a document much more appropriate for Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center weinie roast. The “DWOC Academy Rulebook.” Here we have an outstanding academy for advanced idiocy. Some exerpts from the intro:

“The Goal of the Academy is for each student to develop a stabile[sic] lifestyle of Discipline in order to become a strong apostolic Fife[sic] Fold Minister in our Apostolic Ministry System… There are 9 Categories we have set a standard[sic] the student has to follow.” 

Fractured syntax, spelling, case and tortured grammar aside – I found some personal hygene standards on page 6 that would have been welcome in my college dorm wing (the odor haunts me to this day)…

* Clothe[sic] must be cleaned and ironed as practiced.
* Students are not supposed to take off the uniform during there[sic] working and service time in exchange with[sic] separate clothe.[sic] Exceptions only after receiving permission.
* Wash or shower at least once a day but not more than 2 [sic] a day…
* Mouth, sweat areas, hair, feet hands, [sic – very, very sick] 

Fun facts about the Reverend “Dr.” Terry Jones and Dove World Outreach:

* Former motel manager.
* “Honorary” Doctor of Ministry diploma from California Graduate School of Theology – an obscure non–accredited institution. He never took a class. They dissavow him.
* Started a church in Germany in the ‘80s but was removed and deported. “Personality conflicts” – don’tcha know.
* Took over DWOC (independent pentecostal group) when the founding pastor died
* His congregation totals about 50, with +/- 30 in attendance on Sunday
* He has almost 70 friends on Facebook
* He was cited and fined by the IRS for running a furniture business from his 501(c)(3) church.
* He owns a vacation home on Treasure Island near Tampa (I used to live near there - this is top dollar real estate), another home in Panama City, several SUV's and boats.
* Their building is a pre-fab steel frame – cheapest building that Florida code allows. Suitable for use as a church, warehouse or barn.
* TOTUS, Petreaus and Muslims across the world are in a tizzy over this fruitcake.

With all the Christian charity and good will I can muster – what we have here is a raving idiot, a charlatan, a cretin and an attention whore in a cheap, ancient polyester suit with a patently un-Christian, unscriptural message - and the media is eating him up with a spoon large enough to gag an Orca. Every Christian group in the country (except good ol’ Fred Phelps and the funky folks at Westboro Baptist) detest and denounce him. Jones rather reminds me of another Rev. Jones. Yeah, you remember. Thank God this Jones doesn't have the charisma to draw large numbers of followers.

But all this is not really Jones' fault - you can't cure stupid. He's just a dope with an opinion. It is the media that has elevated him to celeb status, given him a world stage and painted him as somehow representative of some larger movement. (Christians are worse than al Qaida, or something).
This is deplorable, despicable and grossly irresponsible. He's just an idiot. They should know better.


  1. I know a guy who will call you a dhimmi and other insults for failing to endorse this clown's course of action.

  2. Yup, and he'll get you booted from a rather well known blog for disagreeing with him, and using the same language he does. He should not anticipate virgins in the afterlife.

    But on a brighter note, the good news is that this is old news. The Revd up Dr Jones has relented of the holy bar-b-que after receiving messages from both God and the FBI. The content of the Divine memorandum is unknown. The FBI message is unambiguous.

    "According to officials familiar with the situation, the FBI visited Pastor Terry Jones several times. There is no law against what he wanted to do, they told him, but they were concerned about what might happen to HIM if he went ahead with his Koran Bonfire. They talked to him about being a potential target for violence and threats and told him the story of the Danish cartoonist and other people who have had their lives changed by making this kind of bold statement. They also told him they were concerned that civil rights violations and hate crimes might grow out of what he was planning to do and they wanted him to understand that."

    You called it John. The only story here is why the hell it was a story in the first place. The man is an utter non-entity. My uncle with Alzheimers in the rest home should have more gravitas than Jones. A 100% fabricated media event.

  3. Here's a sweet irony; as a Voltarian, I would defend this idiot's First Amendment rights to the death (actually the First Amendment generally). But I'd have to think about it first...

  4. Rags - I thought Voltarians were the guys who fix the power lines. Wait, No. I would defend him, then tell him to plead insanity. Freud would have a field day with that numbskull.

    John - It seems so. I read the thread and did not see what Rags said that was more or less vitriolic than others. He received no email, but can not log on and apparently his last post was removed. There be some flim flammery afoot methinks.

  5. The same thing happened to purealchemy. She never did find out why. I'll probably burn my own bridge there shortly. When a valued poster like rags goes leaving a piece of trash like r4l, there really is no reason to visit. I'll make my feelings known on the way out though.

  6. I remember. I liked Pure. made things fun and personable - but never on topic and she liked to mix it up when things got nasty - i.e. zero et al. Seemed she should maybe be on a more social site or something.

    John - Drop me an email. click on swede / email.