Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BURN: Senate GOP Just DOES NOT Get It...

Stupid, stupid, stupid...  There is no excuse for this.  The GOP, if they wanted to hack off conservatives, could not have done anything these days that would better do it.

In a rare triumph for Senate traditionalists in this anti-establishment year, Republicans Wednesday decided not to punish Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) by stripping her of a powerful committee post.
Senate Republicans, angered by Murkowski’s decision to run for re-election as a write-in candidate after losing the Republican primary, met behind closed doors to consider demoting her from her post as top Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a prized perch for her resource-rich state.
But with the committee unlikely to conduct any further business this year and the act seen as largely symbolic, Republicans decided not to add insult to her injury at the hands of Joe Miller, the tea party-backed candidate who beat her in the primary.
“We all respect the system, and she still is a Republican senator,’’ said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah.) after the closed party caucus. “It’s just a matter of good taste. We decided to keep the status quo as long as she’s a senator.’’
The conservatives of America are not in the mood for doily dipping, patty-finger conduct.  Murky SHOULD have been hammered, losing her POWER and prestige in the Senate.  Instead, she stays as a defense of the "status quo".  If there is one thing that the GOP should understand, the status as usual...WILL NOT DO. 

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