Sunday, September 5, 2010


Two separate people (Bill Kristol and Huge Hewitt) have been given very mixed signals about the putitive GOP leadership's intent to repeal ObamaCare.  (h/t Dan Riehl)

This won't do.  The people want ObamaCare repealed.  Period.  If you are too weak in the knees to do it...whoever you are...DO NOT put yourself in office.  Whatever office to which you aspire...INCLUDING Speaker Of The House.  Just back the freak OFF, and let someone with a spine deal with the job.


If the GOP plays this cute with voters after this fall, and continues anything LIKE business as usual in Washington, the party is doomed.


  1. There are other ways to kill this monster. Actually apply the "pay as you go" legislation passed before BarryCare. No money - no BarryCare.

    There is also a built in self destruct. Using reconciliation to pass the bill brings the Byrd Rule into play. The legislation terminates after 10 years unless re-funded. This is why the Bush tax cuts are ending. It was passed with reconciliation and time's up.
    How much damage will take place in 10 years is frightening though.

    I'm with you. Stake throuth the heart...dead monster.

  2. Actually, swede, there is a more direct method if our representatives don't do right...

    this has to be the most popularly disobeyed law since Prohibition. Every American has a duty to resist this tyranny (which is all it is).