Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CRASH: Larry Summers A Goner: Good News/Bad News

Larry Summers was ONE of the very few people close to Obama who COULD have been a moderating influence on Obama's pure Collective dogma.  Now he's on his way out the door.

Summers was one of the FEW people in the regime who actually was not a doctrinaire Collectivist. He had been in the (nominally) private sector, and he DID (at least at points) understand economics. 
But the debates [over monetary policy] take place within the context of nearly total agreement on some basics: Monetary policy can shape an economy more than budgetary policy can; extended high inflation will not lead to prosperity and can lead to lower living standards; policy makers cannot fine-tune their economies as they fluctuate.
While much of his academic work was directed at monetary policy, Mr. [Milton] Friedman’s great popular contribution lay elsewhere: in convincing people of the importance of allowing free markets to operate.
He WAS one of the few people who COULD provide a moderating influence on Obama...who could teach THE ONE some economics.

In reality, though, my understanding is that people like Valorie Jarrett had MUCH more influence on The Mad King Barack than the Summers types.

Summers also had at least intellectual INTEGRITY.  He braced Cornell West, and he had the temerity to suggest there MIGHT be some organic difference between men and women

So, the departure of Summers from the Obami is not an unmixed piece of news.

But it MAY prove to be another milestone in the Great Unraveling. Time will tell...


  1. I prefer the sinking ship allegory - more of an epic spectacle than an unraveling. In the famous words of Thomas Andrews after assessing the damage, "The ship will sink." Titanic could survive flooding four of her water tight compartments, but not five.

    The Obama ship will inevitably sink, and despite wierdly clueless statements to the contrary, they know it. If Summers was thrown overboard as "ballast off a sinking ship" or just had the good sense to abandon ship while he still has a reputation I think is irrelevant. Look for many more in the days to come.

    At least Captain Smith had the honor and dignity to stand in his wheelhouse and go down with the ship. Mr Ismay, the owner of the ship, crept into a lifeboat for "women and children only" to save his sorry arse.

    It will be interesting (and entertaining) to see which roles the crew of HMS Obama will play. Rhambo: "Hey, I'd like to help but HMS Chicago is looking for a captain. Gotta go!"

  2. Only as pure conjecture, I think Summers was tired of getting ignored. Some people consider him the architect of Obamanomics, but I really doubt that. I don't doubt he was a player, but I do doubt that the fascist economics that are THE ONE's favorite model is his idea.

    Again, time will tell. We won't know any time soon.