Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BURN: Boxer's Boondoggle "Boxcars"

Barbara "Don't Call Me Ma'am" Boxer is in the political fight of her life in Kulhefornia.  She is using her power as a Senator to bring home an extra slab of pork, and to hell with national security, the counsel of the military, or the even the Obama regime.

Boxer has said this:
"We have to not underspend and not overspend, because there can be wasteful spending in any area. We want to make sure that we have the funds to meet the threats that we face and that's always dictated the budgets that I've supported."
The problem there is that Boxer is lying.

Boeing has a big operation in Kulhefornia.  It employs LOTS of high-paid, unionized folks who build a very fine product...that the military does not need and cannot economically use.  In fact, if Boxer DOES manage to force the Air Force to purchase the planes she's pushing, the PURCHASE price of the planes would only be the beginning.  The end would be grounding other aircraft that are MORE capable and MORE economical to operate.  That hurts national security.

The Boeing-build C-17 is a fine aircraft.  It is essentially a flying boxcar...a logistical airlift asset.  The problem is that the Air Force has enough of them...maybe too present.  They have said...REPEATEDLY...they don't want any more, and they've explained why.

Boxer is NOT one to listen to the military when pork is on the line, particularly when she's in a dead-heat election race with a tough Carly Fiorina.  She won't even listen to the Obama regime, which has backed the Air Force in rejecting the procurement of more planes that are not needed.

IF Boxer manages to FORCE purchase of C-17s that the Air Force does not want, it will mean GROUNDING at least part of the fleet of freshly renovated C-5m aircraft...planes that do MOST jobs better...more economically...than can the C-17.  That is NUTS!!!

Like the C-17, the C-5 is a flying boxcar...only BIGGER.  We own them now, and they are just ending a major modification to make them better and more durable then ever.  It is kind of a law in transport that a BIGGER prime mover is a MORE ECONOMICAL prime mover, and that is true of the C-5.

Think of the C-17 as a medium truck and the C-5 as an 18-wheeler.  The medium truck certainly has its uses, but on a per ton basis cannot move cargo as economically as the bigger truck.

Bottom line: Boxer is insisting on the boondoggle purchase of a bunch of boxcars that actually hurt national security.  The sole reason is to procure pork for the folks back home, with the end in mind of greasing her return to power in the Senate.  That, all by itself, is enough to disqualify Boxer as a Senator.

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