Saturday, September 18, 2010

CRASH: Anti-BIG GOVERNMENT...You Betcha!!!

A common attack on the TEA Party of late...and a remarkably weak that it is "anti-government".  That's simply a rather stupid lie.  TEA Party people are not anarchists.  They are, generally, anti-BIG GOVERNMENT, or anti-Collectivists.

I don't mean to try to speak for a movement...especially an amorphous mass of people representing opinions that run across the political spectrum, but this I think is true; the trend in the TEA Party is in support of government...Constitutional government.

And, simply put, that is ESSENTIALLY different than what I call BIG GOVERNMENT...or worse, the Collective.

Nobody I've personally spoken conservative I know or have resentful about paying for necessary government.  We deeply resent anything above that.  And the vast majority of what we pay for is outside the Constitutional mandate.

Because we love people, we are not going to let them stay in want.  Americans are historically the most charitable people on earth.  And, for those who don't realize it, there are deep, fundamental differences between charity and a government dole.  One tends to elevate everyone involved; the other is corrosive to everyone involved.

There is a broad...and irreconcilable...gulf between those who think like Barack Obama on the one hand, and those like many in the TEA Parties, on the other.  Obama sees the Federal power as essentially illimitable.  We see it as having the limits the Founders of the nation intended...oh, and we feel like we can read, thank you.

Since this isn't hard to comprehend, when you hear people or read something saying Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party supporters are "anti-government" protesters who don't want to pay taxes, you can safely assume they are trying to hoodwink you.  Or outright lying to you.

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