Friday, September 17, 2010

BURN: Constitution Day, 2010

There was never a time in my memory when the Constitution was LESS honored than now, today, in 2010.  The ruling regime of Collectivists has bald-faced told us it means nothing, if they bother consulting it at all.

IF the Obamic and Deemocrat approach is given currency by the courts, the Federal government has no limits.  It can do whatever it wants, so it is in vogue with the Collective.  Civil rights?  Depends.  And for who?  Well, there is that....

Can you and I be compelled to purchase...anything?  Yep, according to the Collective.  Can they take what you make?  Of course...and consider yourself to have been very leniently dealt with if you are left with enough for your needs.

Can they then use what you made to bail out their buddies who are "too big to fail"?  Done that.  Will do it again in the future.

But, far from being down-fallen, I am optimistic.  Americans are waking up.  They will come to realize that the best hope for freedom for themselves and their families is to return to the Constitution.  If it is followed, we will be a free...and prosperous people again.

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  1. I'm thinking also, what's going on now is the embodyment of why John Adams was adamantly opposed to the two party system. Partisan paralysis.

    I share your optimism. This Constitution and country have survived far worse than these egg headed loonies can bring. We'll come through this better and stronger than ever. I must believe this for the sake of my grandchildren, and I will do whatever I can to bring it back. And it's happening!

    Barry: The collective is going down. Resistance is essential and we will not be assimilated. Go teach theoretical statism somewhere.