Monday, September 20, 2010

CRASH: "Bare-Knuckles" Bloomberg Will Save US

It goes without saying for anyone who's ever read a Tina Brown column that she's an idiot.  Ms. Brown provides her newest Rx for what ails America--the likes of "Bare-Knuckles" Bloomberg, self-proclaimed "doer" extraordinaire.

Apparently, Obama is NOT the prescription anymore.  (?!?!?)  Wow...wha hoppened-changed?
Nor is America yearning for “empathy” from the Oval Office. People are way beyond “I feel your pain.” No one is asking for an Oprah in Chief. Anyhow, Obama is too chilly by nature ever to be convincing as a human care package.
She goes on to a brief homage (or drool) to Bill (Tina sighs) Clinton.  It IS embarrassing.

But, naturally, Brown has no use for the TEA Party movement, either:
The wingnuts dominating the Tea Party movement are exploiting the just rage of a generation of Americans who feel they’ve been stiffed in the last decade. But, as Bloomberg remarked yesterday, anger is not a strategy. Palin, O’Donnell, and Co. don’t have one. They have scripts for a burlesque starring demagogues, saboteurs, and loudmouths. They are the “undoers.”
Setting aside all the BS about anger, exploitation, demagogues, saboteurs, and loudmouths (which is a good descriptive of several Congressional committees I could name), a little "UNDOING" is EXACTLY what America DOES need.  It is also what it is demanding, FYI Tina-type Collectivists.

But so desperate is Tina to find some ray of hope, some direction to look for the rejuvenation of America that she turns to Michael Bloomberg?  Please.  With New York City as a model, Tina Brown wants THAT for America?  Nannyville?  The Caliphate-on-Hudson?

Brown goes on to name several other mayors she thinks are the coming thang.  And maybe she's right about them being good mayors.  (Maybe she is not; several of these guys are puppies.)  But that isn't how you fix America, Tina.  And a dose of "Bare-Knuckles" Bloomberg would be the coup-de-grace for America.

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