Thursday, September 2, 2010

BURN: Speechafyin' Jones Goes 0-2 From The Oval Office

I have to admit it: I did not watch Mr. Obama speak from the Oval Office the other night.  But by all accounts...from Left or Right...I didn't miss a thing.

This was true, as well, for his previous attempt at speaking from the Oval Office when he tried to address the Gulf Of Mexico crisis.

Obama was touted as the ultimate speaker not long ago.  That was SUPPOSED to be his greatest strength, according to the MSM.  Kind of like the old Lil' Abner character, Stupifyin' Jones, Obama was supposed to be Speechafyin' Jones...the best there is, was, or will be.

Maybe what they meant was that it was his ONLY strength.  And now, even that has failed him.  He has lost whatever it was that the MSM attributed to him...if he ever really had it.

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