Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CRASH: Manifesto Destiny

by swede

How does one provoke, enrage and/or gravely insult a conservative these days? You may try

You’re a racist homophobic Islamophobic nativist Neanderthal!” Nope. “You’re an idiot!” Nothing. “You’re insane?” Blink. “You’re a Nazi!” Please. “You’re a piece of s#!t!” Yaaaaawn. “Yo mama’s a ho!” Whatever. “You’re a RINO!” WTF are you talking about, punk? Who the %$&* are you? You’re a friggin Marxist compared to me so STFU and GFYS!

Ah, yes, the RINO card that reduces the recipient to a level somewhere between fungus and insect, negating any subsequent proposition he may make – effectively ending the dispute in favor of the one hurling said trendy epithet.

So…what exactly is a RINO,
I asks meself? Then I answers, typically, the answer boils down to, “I know one when I see one” (McCain of course being the Gold Standard) By definition, “Republican in Name Only” is a pejorative term refering to a member of the Republican Party whose views or actions are perceived as insufficiently conforming to “Republican Values.” Ah, but therein lies the rub. What are “Republican Values?” That used to mean “conservative values”, but in the post Bushian – New & Improved – One Big Size Tent Fits All GOP, it seems the values have gotten a bit – shall we say – scoza-fuzzy? So in a real sense, a true conservative would in fact be the RINO. And an Indy registered conservative like myself is not Republican of any flavor.

Not to worry, as of last February, “a group of more than 80 prominent conservative thinkers are set to unveil their version of a mission statement for the right.” But so far, nada. Ok, here we go, (Aug 30) “Boehner said the long-awaited Republican manifesto, detailing the policies the GOP would pursue if they win back control of the House or Senate, would be released shortly after lawmakers return to Washington.” Still nothing...

If they had the sense God gave a coconut, they might consider another “Republican Manifesto” crafted under very similar circumstances. Josiah Bailey was a freshman Senator for NC in 1930, and for the most part was unable to resist FDR’s New Deal monster from growing. But by his second term, the already anemic economy hit a recession, and partisan lines blurred. America had had it with the “Raw Deal”. Baily and a bi-partisan group worked on a Republican Manifesto, (in secret as FDR was well known for heavy handed retribution toward opponents) and rolled it out in 1937. You can’t tell me this, with a few tweaks, isn’t exactly what we need. Now.

1. Immediate revision of taxes on capital gains and undistributed profits in order to free investment funds.
2. Reduced expenditures to achieve a balanced budget, and thus, to still fears deterring business expansion.
3. An end to coercion and violence in relations between capital and labor.
4. Opposition to “unnecessary” government competition with private enterprise.
5. Recognition that private investment and enterprise require a reasonable profit.
6. Safeguarding the collateral upon which credit rests.
7. Reduction of taxes, or if this proved impossible at the moment, firm assurance of no further increases.
8. Maintenance of state rights, home rule, and local self-government, except where proved definitely inadequate.
9. Economical and non-political relief to unemployed with maximum local responsibility.
10. Reliance upon the American form of government and the American system of enterprise.

The effect this had on the nation’s recovery can of course never be known, as the war intervened just a few years later, but this laid a foundation that governed the post war conservative boom years. Also, sounds strikingly like the “Contract With America”, doesn’t it?  Newt et al used it as a guideline.


If I’m to be condemned to wearing the red RINO “R” of shame because I voted AGAINST Obama, so be it. I still maintain that, having done all we can in the primaries to nominate solid conservatives (as I have just done, successfully!) if it gets down to a RINO vs MARXIST in the general election: An electable RINO is preferable to an unelectable conservative. And it’s time to toss some water on this conservative family feud. IMHO

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  1. swede, high marks for having the stones to speak some truth, and the thinking to come up with the RINO turn-around respecting conservative independents.

    Expect a lot of mis and mal-reading of what you said. Emotion seems to cloud reading comprehension.

    There is NO feud like a family feud, and there are no zealots like recent converts...or people who think THEY are the real [insert your identifier], and anyone who isn't with their dogma is a traitor/apostate.

    Group-think is a danger to anybody.