Monday, November 22, 2010

CRASH: The New Broken Window--Illegal Immigration Enforcement

During the 1980s and 1990s, people like Rudy Giuliani put the "broken windows theory" to work in some of America's most violent and crime-ridden cities.  It apparently worked.

Now comes evidence that enforcing our immigration laws on the streets leads to reduced crime...especially violent crime.  This is exactly the opposite of what people like Bill White (former mayor of sanctuary city Houston, Texas) and Harold Hurtt (one of White's police chiefs) told us would happen.  They insisted that policing illegal immigration will result in MORE crime, since the illegals will be less prone to report perdators in their midst (among other things).

What is really significant here is that Hurtt is now the ICE Director of the Office of State and Local Coordination (OSLC).  In other words, this anti-enforcement devotee is in charge of the interface between state, local, and Federal law enforcement.  The Obami are nothing if not consistent.

Hurtt and his views on immigration enforcement play a pivotal role in the drama between the Feds and Arizona...and every state in the Union.  What the study shows is that Hurtt and the other sanctuary "thinkers" are not only mistaken, they are exposing Americans...and very likely greater risk of harm.

And, according to the study, after a period of adjustment, everyone...including Hispanics...found they could live quite nicely with our laws being enforced.  Imagine.

Maybe enforcing our laws...contrary to what the Collective tells us...actually works to make all law-abiding people safer.  Maybe living with dignity is something to which every good person responds well.


  1. Hey, here's an idea. If the illegal goes back to his/her home country, they will never be a victim of crime in the U.S. Therefore, they will have no need to report it.

  2. There is something to that...

    Some "logic-ish" sort of feel...