Thursday, July 8, 2010

CRASH: 5th Circuit Upholds NOLA Court Ending Moratorium

As I predicted, the 5th Federal Circuit Court Of Appeals, one of the most respected in recent history, upheld the injunction granted by a Federal District Court, ending the Obamic Gulf drilling moratorium.

It only took the justices about an hour to return their decision, which I think reflects the general contempt for the pretext behind the moratorium.  That contempt is well earned, as it springs from the obvious facts surrounding Sec. Ken Salazar's mendacity in perverting the report of a panel of experts he consulted prior to issuing his ban on deep water drilling in the Gulf.

Salazar/Obama have already signaled their next move will be to issue a new moratorium, which I predict will use a report by hand-picked "expert whores" of the type that all trial lawyers know too well.

I predict that, too, will go down in flames, largely because the original panel of experts is on record saying a moratorium like the one Salazar and Obama want is actually prone to make the situation LESS safe in the Gulf.


  1. Realistically, don't you think that's what they really want? Problems are most likely to happen when a well is starting or stopping and another leak would seal the fate of oil drilling.

    But it's not Obama's fault for not responding, it's Bush's coziness with the oil industry that caused the problem. Hey, Jimmy Buffett couldn't be wrong, could he?

  2. Jimmy Buffett...constantly.

    Warren Buffet...occasionally.

    As to what they really want in this specific instance, I dunno. I know what they're getting from the courts is "hardly the time of day". And about damn time, too.