Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BURN: Abraham Lincoln Would Filibuster Elana Kagan

Abraham Lincoln was a flawed man...who loved the principals on which the nation was founded.  He believed the Declaration Of Independence was part of the charter of our government, and it meant what it said.  Elana Kagan believes and loves none of those things.

Presidents of the United States up through Lincoln ascribed...albeit the ideals and ideas embodied in the Declaration and the Constitution.  Lincoln was one of the most ardent believers in the Declaration as a statement of our national charter, which is what it was written to be.

Today, the notion of unalienable rights is one only commonly held by conservatives and libertarians.  Collectivists find it quaint, and slightly embarrassing, that anyone ever subscribed to that idea, much less that they do now.  Rights, they all know, come from government, and are quite plastic, fungible sorts of things society creates or destroys the fashion of the day.  Natural law, like nature's God, is a passe indulgence in superstition.  We've moved past that...evolved, as it were.

From her testimony before her Senate inquisitors, Elana Kagan showed she is capable of being untruthful, deceptive, and very ambitious.  To her, we had no rights before the Constitution, which is breathtakingly ignorant of both law and history.

She also proved that she and Abraham Lincoln would have had very little in common.  She showed she has utter contempt for things Lincoln believed in his marrow.  He would fight her nomination with everything he had.

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