Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CRASH: Investigation Now Targets Interior's Lies In Gulf

The Obama Gulf War continues unabated.  While little or no oil is being belched from BP's wild well, the jobs in the Gulf continue to hemorrhage, and working people and families are suffering.  It is cynical politics at its most disgusting.

Interior Department Inspector General (acting) Mary L. Kendall is investigating the conduct of Kwik Kenny Salazar in his Gulf drilling moratorium.  Of particular interest is Salazar's falsification of the findings of his own panel of drilling industry experts (a Federal felony in my book) in an effort to provide the Obami a fig-leaf for their economy-killing Gulf ban.

There is no shut down the Gulf.  Any valid safety concerns could have been allayed BY NOW, and every individual deep-water drilling rig inspected.  The reason for the JOB moratorium in the Gulf is the same reason for the non-response to the oil leak...transformation politics.


  1. As with every other scandal of late, I expect nothing to come of this.

  2. John, remain optimistic and ENGAGED!!!

    Lean on those who are fighting this regime...and don't let them wear you down!