Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CRASH: Hesitation In New Gulf Well Cap Supports Concern

UPDATED: My speculation confirmed
BP and the government have hesitated in the fitting and testing of a new cap, hyped as capable of capturing nearly all the oil flowing from the Deepwater Horizon blow-out.

This seems to support the theory that there are indications of a casing rupture or other really catastrophic problem (i.e., cement failure) with the well.

This comes in concert with news that the private and government players conducted a seismic mapping...perhaps a photographic mapping, as well...of the sea floor near the well-bore.

The press stories relating to this new cap suggest that the test process included sequential closing of valves, which would presumably increase the back-pressure inside the casing.  The delay that we are seeing could be explained by a concern among the engineering minds that this pressure rise would further rupture the casing or cement down-hole.  This would potentially cause a further loss of control, perhaps even below the point of entry of the relief wells now nearing completion.

As reported here, there are indications that this well could be a worse beast than is popularly understood, much less reported in the MSM.

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