Monday, July 19, 2010

CRASH: The Racism Of The Collective's Porch Negros

The term "porch negro" is perfectly acceptable, according to President Obama's blog.  I understand it is an invective, and I use it very appropriately and very intentionally.

You see, the NAACP...once an organization of proud, free-thinking people in the main...has reduced itself to being the National Association Of Collective Porch Negros.  It has proven that it will say and do virtually anything their collective masters demand, regardless of how servile...and vile.

During my life-time, I admired and worked for the MLK dream of an America that was not color-conscious.  As a capitalist, I still hold that dream, and work toward that goal.  The NAACP abandoned it some time back, and now actively...even avidly...fosters racial discrimination.

And, let us be frank, there is no doubt that racial a feature of both the Deemocrat Congress and the Obama administration.

There are blatant racial preferences written into the vast, unread pages of major legislation coming out of our Collectivist, totalitarian, capital.

Far from a new "post-racial" era, Barack Hussain Obama has...I think quite by design...brought us the ascendancy of Rev. Wright's racial hatred.  The porch Negros of the NAACP are quite at home on the Collective plantation, so long as they get theirs.  And they will.  They have sold themselves for a mess of pottage.

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