Monday, July 19, 2010

CRASH: The Old, Old Collectivist Excuse, Again...

UPDATE: Collectivists Added To List Calling For MORE PORK!

Joe "Plugs" Biden…the other new sheriff…has been handed (through his campaign) a hefty fine for crappy financial reporting and other violations, and went on a new round of blame-gaming to try and depict the GOP as the culprits in the failure of the Porkulus to stimulate anything but corruption.

And, as if on cue…we have this…a call for MORE pork

When you lede a story with “Top Economists” and then include Little Bobby Reich in the list, you are in belly-larf country.

But isn’t this the well-worn formula of the Collective, when faced with another example of  the failure of their entire philosophy?

“We didn’t spend enough.  We weren’t committed enough.  Those evil Republicans crippled our effort.  We never really gave this a chance.  WE HAVE TO SPEND MORE”.

Geebus, how many times have I heard that in my life now?  How many more times will we have to hear this stupidity?  And how wreaked does our economy need to be before people wake up?

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