Thursday, July 1, 2010

BURN: Transcending Incompetence In The Gulf

Occam's Razor instructs us to look for the simplest explanation to a question.  For most of us, our minds flee from conclusions that seem too dark, too monstrous to have to contemplate.

For both those considerations, I have been reluctant to write this post.  Yet, when proof after proof of an awful truth is placed on a scale, one is a fool to deny them their weight.

The Obamic response in the Gulf Of Mexico is not incompetence; it is design.

Oh, to be sure, there is incompetence aplenty.  Along with red-tape by the mile.  Those have been incorporated into the design, however.  Obama is using the natural sludge of bureaucratic, stupid BIG GOVERNMENT to effect his intent.

Consider this; time, rhetoric, resources, duty, compassion, and political costs all scream for an effective response.  An effective response which would be so easy to provide with so little actual leadership.  As I have noted, there are market players lined up to go, awaiting only the word...only permission.

And, still, permission has been withheld.  We learned yesterday that the regime was finally accepting some of the foreign offers...several of them months old come to our aid.  But, if you read the material, even that is not exactly true.  They are in process...and the processes could take considerable time.  I think we can expect they will, in fact.

Obama's hands held the scissors...uniquely powerful in all the world...that could have been used to cut away the red-tape fetters that kept people and equipment and ideas out of the Gulf, away from the rescue.  The use of those scissors would have cost him so little, and netted such obviously immense political rewards, that his failure to use them cannot be the result of incompetence.

Obama, for all his Bush-bashing, has not hesitated to follow Bush examples.  In two hurricane events, Bush waived the Jones Act.  We all know this, as does THE ONE.  But this is a Bush example he has refused to follow.

So, all this to what end?  This is the monstrous part; the President Of The United States is intentionally allowing this disaster to go without effective response for political gain.  He promised us he would transform America, and this is part of the process.  This is the crisis de jour, much bigger and more real than was health care, and he does not want it fixed.  It is too useful.  It is a Machiavellian tool of Biblical proportions, and Obama is not hesitating to use it.

Obama has quite willingly allowed titanic destruction of the environment, economic interests, and quality of life for an entire region as part of his drive to "fundamentally change America".  There is no other conclusion on these facts.


  1. It breaks my heart to see what's happening in the Gulf and knowing that he could have mitigated most of the damage just makes it worse.

    The truly sad part is the the Sierra Club and World Wildlife Foundation will give him and his cronies unwavering support in the next election.

  2. Yes, and isn't the relative silence of the enviros illuminating!

    At risk of being trite, imagine the hue and cry if Bush was in office now!!!

  3. As the "incompetence" continues and grows more people will begin to wonder if all this is not stupidity so much as deliberate design.

    Reference Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and Rahm's quote about not wasting a crisis.

  4. Powerline has a piece up that lends considerable approval to the idea. It seems only self-evident to me.

    How does this differ from other issues in which Obama has either manufactured or exploited a crisis, and then offered a "transformative" solution?

  5. I have been thinking this for weeks. It was too obvious to ignore.
    I'll take it one step further...I seriously question how this accident occurred in the first place.

  6. I don't have too much doubt about the original blow-out. They happen...rarely...after everything you can do. Did you read the pieces I've posted about that? They help to understand what a beast this well must have been.